This is IDP

Your European Lottery Partner

We aim to be the obvious choice for European lotteries and gaming companies. 

Back in 1989 , IDP was set up in order to print bingo tickets for the newly founded local lottery BingoLotto. At the time, no one knew that BingoLotto would explode in to one of the most successful lotteries Sweden had ever seen. But it did. And that’s how the story of IDP begins.

BingoLotto went from a small local lottery to a national pastime almost overnight. It meant that IDP suddenly had to supply millions of lottery tickets every week. That meant efficiency had to improve, as well as security and quality.

IDP faced the challenge head and on showed that “we can do it-spirit” that has since become something of company trade mark.

The curiosity and willingness to learn that propelled IDP to its success lives on to this day. It’s engrained in everything we do and ensures that we will always keep working to improve our processes, efficiency and security. Everything in order to secure an end product that really is as good as it gets.


Today we offer concept solutions in gaming and lotteries.

It means that we can do everything from developing a new lottery concept to printing an existing instant ticket of the highest quality. We offer four colour overprint on scratch surfaces, something very few can offer.

We sell an advanced and popular bingo system, IDPlay Bingo, the most popular bingo system in Sweden. Stay tuned for some really exciting news in that department.

We are highly experienced in variable data printing. Among others, we print the Swedish tax return form, the single largest variable data print job in Sweden.

We aim to be the obvious choice for European lotteries and gaming companies. We want to be your European Lottery Partner