IDPlay Bingo

It's time for a modern & customizable bingo system

Bingo has brought joy to thousands and thousands of people all over the globe

Here at IDP, we’ve been in the Bingo business for over 30 years, and we know what Bingo means. We know what it means to you, the bingo operators, and we know what it means to your guests. Every day you work hard to deliver an enjoyable experience while simultaneously generating money for good causes. (Movie below is in Swedish – English version will be published soon).


Our previous bingo system ProBingo has helped over 40 bingo halls in Sweden with that mission. It’s our pleasure to introduce its successor. IDPlay Bingo. It’s a modern bingo system that offers customizable design and a powerful game editor.

The system is developed for the Swedish market but adaptable to suit other markets. Feel free to contact us and find out more how you can enhance your bingo experience with IDPlay Bingo.

Here are some pictures from when we presented IDPlay Bingo to a group of enthusiastic Swedish bingo hall operators.